Giving Back in Highlands Ranch

My family and I had a great experience giving back at a local charity called Manna Ministry in Highlands Ranch, CO this past weekend.  Manna Ministry is a local food and clothing bank that is supported by the congregation of Cherry Hills Community Church.  They serve nearly 1,200 people each month from Highlands Ranch and the surrounding south suburban community. 

How we were able to be giving back

This past Saturday, Manna had invited families in need to come to the church to gather groceries for a complete Christmas meal they could prepare at home.  In addition, families with children were given toys, stuffed animals, and bikes to put under their tree this Christmas. My husband and I and our two daughters assisted the recipients by caring groceries and presents to their vehicles.  My daughter and I assisted several families whose stories of struggle could have been yours or mine.

Who we were able to help by giving back

One younger gentleman told me he had graduated from college over 18 months ago with a degree in psychology and hadn’t found a job.  With a wife and two small children at home, he was struggling to make ends meet.  Another elderly lady shared with me that her husband had died within the past year and she had little support besides a grandson who lived nearby.  

Giving back with my Children

My six year daughter, encouraged by the thankful comments from the recipients, offered to carry more groceries each trip. My other daughter volunteered in the gift area.  She wheeled brand new bikes out to parents whose faces were overwhelmed with joy.  On one trip back into the church, she mentioned how much fun she was having.  It was a great way for my kids to understand the true meaning of the Christmas season. 

Giving back in Highlands Ranch

Believe me….we’ve heard enough around my house about dolls, Legos, and Barbie’s that have made Santa’s list.  It was time to add a little giving to the season.  My family left the Manna Ministry feeling good about giving back in the community we live in, Highlands Ranch.


Giving Back in Highlands Ranch

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