Strategies to Increase Luck and Fortune

Increase your luck and fortune in real estate with current market conditions, location and condition of the house. There are some other, more obscure tricks that have been known to help increase luck and fortune in real estate.

Divine interventions and real estate transactions have been going over for centuries. People have used everything from Catholic saints to crystals to improve their luck. Here are some ideas that might help increase your luck when it comes to real estate.

Increase luck and fortune with a Statue of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph has become known as “the Patron Saint of Real Estate”. This has lead many sellers to turn to Saint Joseph increase-luck-and-fortune-saint-josephwhen their real estate woes start. In order to put the full effect of Saint Joseph into motion, the statue is to be buried upside down in the lawn or garden. When burying the statue you must simultaneously ask for divine intervention. The catch to the process with Saint Joseph is that once the house sells, the statue is to be dug up and take with the owner to their new place of residence. The statue is then to be placed within the home and kept in honor of the sell.

So, how is Saint Joseph and real estate connection made? With this question we have to go back to the Middle Ages. It is said that some European nuns buried a medal of Saint Joseph on a piece of land they wanted to acquire for their new convent. Soon after the medal was buried they were able to negotiate the purchase of the desired land.

This tradition really took off in the United States during the mid 1980’s. Many homeowners have credited the sale of their home to Saint Joseph. With the popularity of Saint Joseph helping sell houses, Amazon has contributed their sales tactics by offering several different types of statues to choose from.

Amish barn star can increase luck and fortune?

The Amish barn star is traditionally crafted from scraps of leftover roofing tile tins. These five point metal stars are very common with German farming and Amish communities. The farmers would typically hang theis eye catching ornament on the side of their barns to attract good luck for their families.

increase-luck-and-fortune-amish-barn-starAfter the Civil War, industrial buildings would place a large metal star on the outside of their building to protect workers against injuries and to attract luck for the factory.

In recent years, the Amish barn star has become an American decorating tradition. You can find these metal tarts in homes, garages and buildings in both rural and urban settings.

It is now common to find barn stars in a variety of colors. Each color is said to provide a different type of luck and protection for the property owner. Abundance in investment, career and luck is most often associated with the copper colored star.  Green is the color for growth and a black star provides protection from misfortune. Sometimes you will find various barn stars around a property, this is done to attract different kinds of luck for the property.

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Increase luck and fortune with Citrine Stonesincrease-luck-and-fortune-citrine-stone

Looking to attract more wealth, prosperity and positivity? You should look into citrine stones. It is said that placing some citrine stones in your home can help draw money in and improve your luck when it comes to finances. The citrine stone is referred to as “The Merchant’s Stone”. It is a golden-yellow colored crystal and is known for attracting good fortune to people around it.

With the golden yellow color, it is believed to carry the power of the sun. This allows it to protect against negative influences and energy, by defusing negative thoughts and feelings. Which helps attract wealth, luck and success.

Decorating and designing can increase luck and fortune

Designing you home to attract good fortune has been done for thousands of years. Decorating and designing is an ancient Chinese art of “Feng Shui”, this is arranging items in a room in a particular way to improve luck and fortune.

The Feng Shui rules states that putting fresh flowers in your home is a way to attract good fortune and positive energy. Be careful on the type of flowers used, thorny stemmed flowers (like roses) can interfere with the ‘chi’ or positive energy.

Feng Shui also has rules when it comes to the color of the doors in a particular room. Doors that are south facing outside, should be painted a bright red or orange. However, north facing doors are to be black or blue. When an exterior door faces the west the door color is to be painted grey or white and an east facing door should be green or brown.

In addition to the doors, placement of staircases and number of steps play a part in the Feng Shui rules. Staircases would ideally have 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 or 22 steps. Having the staircase opposite the front door is a no, no and should never be done. Staircases should not be across from bathroom or bedroom doorway either. Spiral stairs are believed to trap positive energy blocking luck from getting to the people in the home. There is a simple work around for stairs that are not placed in a desirable area, hanging a small crystal, wind chime or energy diffusing decoration will disperse the good ‘chi’ energy preventing its escape.

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